FAQ: How to generate a 'paint-by-numbers' template?

Do you enjoy paint by number or painting by numbers kits? And you want to generate templates with markings to indicate areas to paint yourself? Using vectorizer.io you can now generate templates from you own images for your adult colouring hobby or for your kids.

paint by numbers result

Step 1:

Enable paint-by-numbers generation.

enable paint by numbers generation

Step 2:

For shapes large enough to fit the color palette index number it will be positioned automatically.


Step 3:

Optimization: If for your image the generated numbers are too small or if there are too many numbers in the result then try one of the following optimization possibilities:

  • Reduce the details in the image. By selecting a lower detail level like "Low" or "Minimum" the input image will be pre-processed and the algorithm tries to merge neighboring similar pixels to larger pixel clusters.
    reduce image quality
  • Alternatively increasing the "Minimum Area" parameter also merges neighboring color patches.
    reduce image quality
    Minimum Area: 10px2
    reduce image quality - before
    Minimum Area: 100px2
    reduce image quality - after

Step 4:

After downloading the generated .zip file it contains multiple SVG files. A color version and the contour of the image including the palette indices. The color codes of the palette are included in the .txt and .csv files.

result .zip file

Step 5:

Included in the download file is the black & white SVG file representing the template for the painting.

paint by numbers result